We would like to welcome our first German Dealer into the LINE-X Family

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LINE-X Protective Coatings Ltd are pleased to welcome the first Dealership based in Germany to the LINE-X network.

König Lackierfachbetrieb GmbH have opened the first LINE-X Dealership in Germany, offering LINE-X coatings to cater for the growing number of enquiries for a variety of protective coating applications, including truck beds, vehicle components and accessories. 

LINE-X GermanyKönig Lackierfachbetrieb GmbH will be offering LINE-X spray-on coatings to the Automotive, and Agricultural sectors, as well as end-users across their targeted area for a wide range of protective coating requirements.

The first German based LINE-X Dealer will be trading as:

König Lackierfachbetrieb GmbH


König Lackierfachbetrieb GmbH


D- 06847 Dessau- Rosslau

Tel.: +49 340511524

Email: [email protected]

You can visit the first German LINE-X Dealership website at: www.bedliner.de/