Waterproof Coatings For Concrete

LINE-X UK has recently (March 2019) partnered with Springhead Construction and ASF Waterproof Coatings to restore exterior walkways and stairs for Camden Council in London. Springhead Construction is responsible for the concrete repairs and ASF Waterproofing are the contractors for spraying polyurea.


The Problem With The Existing Concrete.

The exterior walkways and stairs of a block of flats in Camden, London, had severely deteriorated due to water ingress and needed major repairs. The client needed a durable waterproof solution to prevent water damage from reoccurring.
The solution had to be quick to apply and cure as the flats were fully occupied and residents required constant access to the walkways and stairs.
LINE-X specified LINE-X XS-101, a pure polyurea, as the waterproof layer. LINE-X XS-101 is extremely abrasion and wear resistant and watertight, has an incredibly fast dry time, and is also a CE certified waterproofing system for concrete substrates. Professional waterproofing contractors, ASF coatings applied the LINE-X XS-101.


The Waterproofing Solution

Springhead Construction completed extensive concrete repairs, and then it was time for ASF to spray the LINE-X application.
All areas that weren’t going to be coated were masked, and then a polyaspartic primer was rolled onto the concrete, with a drying time of just forty minutes with no VOCs. Next, a quartz dry coat was broadcasted into a second layer of freshly laid primer. This quick dry system was vital as residents needed to come and go between the primer coating and the final LINE-X application.
After the second coat of primer had dried, LINE-X XS-101 was sprayed on to the walkways and stairs. The LINE-X application was completed with a textured coat to provide a non-skid grip. Once the application was completed the masking was removed and the coating was walkable within forty minutes.


The Results

The result was a fully protected, long-lasting walkway that wouldn’t give way to weathering. The LINE-X XS-101 provided a fully waterproof membrane, and it was applied across three flights and completed in just one day.
The client was so pleased with the application process and quality that they have decided to apply LINE-X coatings to a further eight developments experiencing the same concrete deterioration issues.

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