LINE-X Coating on Trailer Bed
LINE-X Coating on Trailer Bed

LINE-X spray-on Coatings provides long lasting abrasion protection for your Trailers.

Our LINE-X Coating is sprayed straight on the metal or wood of your Trailer, providing a universal fit for any make or model.

The key to the LINE-X spray-on liner is the airtight and watertight seal, which means no more rub spots, rust or corrosion to your Trailer. Whether transporting heavy goods or dealing with commercial waste, protect your investment with LINE-X.

LINE-X spray-on Coatings are maintenance free, offered in a variety of colours and thickness’s.

The use of the LINE-X material is not just limited to coating Trailers, the LINE-X spray applied polyurea coating can provide protection on truck beds, machinery and working tools.