Ben Collins Vs LINE-X

You hear us talk about how tough LINE-X is, but I bet you wonder “is LINE-X really as tough as they say it is?” To show you how well LINE-X holds up, we called in our good friend, legendary stunt … Read More

Mercedes X-Class Bedliner

A couple of years ago, when we heard Mercedes-Benz were going to be bringing out a pick-up, we got super excited, and now that it is here, we are pleased to show you how well LINE-X fits the Mercedes X-Class … Read More

Purchasing a 2016 Toyota Hilux?

Did you know you can order LINE-X directly from your Toyota Dealership. What is LINE-X? LINE-X is a spray-on bedliner that offers extremely Tough Durable Protection to the load area of your pick-up. LINE-X has many advantages over traditional drop-in … Read More

Great Wall Steed S 4WD + EBD Pick Up

The Great Wall Steed is class-leading on urban fuel consumption and amongst the most economical runners in non-urban terrain — the Steed offers you ongoing value. Add to this the fact that it has the cheapest insurance group rating for … Read More