The Story Behind The Lava Mirror’s

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A Mysterious Creation By Malcolm Lewis


These fantastic Lava Mirror frames have been created by the extremely talented, UK artist, Malcolm Lewis.

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Malcolm is a self-taught designer of furniture and interior features. Malcolm’s passion for art and design developed into a love for crafting designs from wood which inspired him to hone his craft to enable the conversion of his design creations into beautiful interior pieces combining art with function.

All Malcolm’s unique designs are handmade and are completely bespoke, no two pieces are the same. Malcolm’s skill, thorough attention to detail and use of quality materials mean that each piece is designed and handmade to last for generations to come.

More recently, Malcolm wanted to create a new unique look, something that has never been seen before.

Malcolm remembered seeing a spray-on van lining video on YouTube, and wondered if this would be able to be applied to his oak mirror frames and what finish this would create.

Malcolm reached out to his local LINE-X Dealership in Darlington UK (Industrial Coatings North East Ltd) to see if they would be willing to experiment coating his artistic wooden frames. Mike Jemmett, owner of the LINE-X Dealership in Darlington was happy to assist, and they began to coat some trials for Malcolm.

The results were outstanding, and something Malcolm has never seen before. “The effect was like lava” – said Malcolm. Loving this bespoke, lava-like look Malcolm decided to make a series of limited-edition mirror frames. These frames can be seen at the Biscuit Factory Gallery in Newcastle (

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