Purchasing a 2016 Toyota Hilux?

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Did you know you can order LINE-X directly from your Toyota Dealership.

What is LINE-X?

LINE-X is a spray-on bedliner that offers extremely Tough Durable Protection to the load area of your pick-up.

LINE-X has many advantages over traditional drop-in bedliners which you can see in the diagrams below:

Drop-in Bedliners

Drop-in Bedliner
Over time, water, and dirt will get trapped between your drop-in liner and the vehicle bed. Paint is slowly sanded away by the vibrating drop-in liner, exposing the metal to rust.

LINE-X Spray-on Bedliner
LINE-X completely seals your bed. No air gaps, no drill holes, no bolts. LINE-X provides a universal contour fit.
LINE-X is watertight and jet washable and is offered in a choice of under the rail or over the rail.

What’s the difference between
‘Under the Rail’ and ‘Over the Rail’?Under the rail Vs Over the rail

Under the Rail

To spray under the rail means we spray in-under the top rail of the truck bed. You would normally go for this option if you want to keep the look of the traditional factory paint work on the top rail.

Over the Rail

To spray over the rail means we spray up-over the top rail of the truck bed. You would normally go for this option if you are wanting to provide additional protection to the top rail. Having the over the rail option prevent scratches and scuffing when loading the truck bed and when leaning over the truck bed. Zips can often scratch the traditional paint work where as LINE-X remains unaffected.

How Do I Get LINE-X?

LINE-X Available on New Toyota Hilux's

If you are in the market for a new Pick-up Truck and are leaning towards a buying a Toyota Hilux you can now order LINE-X directly from your local Commercial Toyota Dealership.

The LINE-X application will take place at the port of entry along with any other additional accessories and upgrades you have requested, so there is no additional delay to have your new Hilux protected with LINE-X.

Can I Have LINE-X if I Buy a Different Brand of Pick-up?

Yes. We have a dealer network of LINE-X applicators within the UK. You will have to purchase your pick-up first, then take your truck to a LINE-X Dealership.

All our Dealerships can be found and contacted on our website:

Can I Have My Current Pick-up LINE-X’d?

Yes. Consult with your closest LINE-X applicator about lining your existing vehicle.

Don’t let your Pick-up Truck get like this!
Order LINE-X NOW!Don't Let your Toyota get like this

To find our more visit www.line-x.co.uk/bedliners/ or get in touch with your local Toyota Dealership