One of the world’s top three manufacturers of construction equipment use steel stillages to protect components from damage during transportation and when loading onto trolleys. The company had difficulties with their stillages in standard base paints, as they were prone to rust, suffered paint chips from constant use, were frequently damaged by forklifts, and the exposed metal on the stillages was also damaging the finished parts.

This resulted in the stillages being constantly refurbished. The company required a solution that would encapsulate them with a seamless membrane, provide a slip-resistant texture, give a smooth and easily cleaned surface, a uniform colour application, create a durable long lasting solution and ultimately to offer protection for the finished components.


LINE-X XS-100 was applied onto each frame where the cargo sits and where most of the damage occurs while loading and unloading components. This provided a totally sealed rust-proof surface. The complete encapsulation also prevents steel vibration. The Stillages were sprayed with XS-100, applied by an EXP2 unit, to provide 3-4mm protection against impact and abrasion.


The customer was completely satisfied by the successful result. Their Workshop Manager was delighted, and commented: “The quality of the LINE-X application and finish is outstanding and gives both the cargo and the stillages great protection against damage”. The coated stillages were so well received that the client gave LINE-X more work. The LINE-X solution offers excellent protection for valuable cargos ‘en route’ both locally and across the globe with its modern and innovative approach.