Agricultural machinery can easily be affected by the harsh elements, as it is frequently expected to live outside. Often it suffers from stone chips, rust and corrosion, and in this case constant abrasion from spreading materials. The owner was looking for a tough, durable impact and abrasion-resistant coating that would withstand knocks and stone chips and be durable enough to out last other paints and coatings.


The spreader was sand blasted and prepared to ensure that it was rust free and had a good surface for the LINE-X to adhere to. A LINE-X dealer coated it in blue LINE-X XS100 to give it a fantastic new appearance and the protection that was needed.



The owner was very pleased with his rejuvenated spreader, which would no longer suffer from stone chips, abrasion and wear damage as it had done in the past. It could also be easily cleaned out, and would give a much longer service life than it would have done before