Pick up Trucks do a huge amount of work in the construction industry every day. A local builder was having a problem with the load area of their vehicle getting damaged scratched and worn by the constant loading and unloading of tools and parts. This damage was leading to rust and corrosion of the vehicle.

The ultimate aim was to try to protect the truck ensuring that the day to day work it was expected to perform didnʼt have a detrimental effect on it.


The Pick up truck was sent to a LINE-X Dealer to be sprayed with LINE-X XS-100.

The preparation took one man less than 3 hours to complete.

LINE-X XS-100 was sprayed to coat the whole of the cargo area and protect the rails surrounding it.


The client was very happy with the final result.

The factory finished textured look provided an extremely durable, impact absorbing surface. The watertight seal ensured that the rust and corrosion problems were a thing of the past and LINE-X XS100 has provided a protective surface for materials, tools and other equipment to be carried on.