Land Rovers used in Agriculture always suffer from damage to their load area. Scratches, dents and subsequent corrosion are frequent problems, caused by the constant loading and unloading of supplies and equipment.

The ultimate aim was to try to protect the load area from impact damage, abrasion and chipped and scored paintwork, and also to provide a waterproof area that is easily cleaned.


The Land Rover was taken to a local LINE-X dealer who fully prepared the vehicle to ensure good adhesion and then sprayed LINE-X XS100 to encapsulate the whole of the cargo area to provide a tough permanent watertight seal.

The whole job took one man around three hours


The owner was delighted with the final result. The textured finish not only looked good but also provided a slip-resistant, water-proof durable surface which gives protection from rust. LINE-X XS100 has provided an impact absorbing, abrasion resistant surface for equipment, animals and supplies to be loaded onto.