Morgan Sindall have had large workshop vehicles purposely built to carry industrial equipment and tools such as cranes and mechanical arms.

The company was facing a situation where the floor of a truck was consistently being battered and damaged.

They needed a durable flooring solution to withstand the daily wear and tear of both the machinery and the operator.


LINE-X XS100 provided robust protection to deal with the impact of rubble, foot traffic and all the other knocks and bumps.

Preparing the vehicle took two men around 1 hour and 30 minutes and the spraying took about 20 minutes.


The client was delighted with the final result and is now looking into new ways of using LINE-X XS100 within their fleet conversions.

The tough rust resistant LINE-X coating will save Morgan Sindall a lot of damage and refurbishment throughout the vehicle’s lifetime, as LINE-X XS100 is virtually maintenance free, unlike the constant requirement for repainting the epoxy floors used in previous workshop vehicles.