4×4ʼs are increasingly becoming the leisure vehicle of choice across the UK. A family nearby had purchased a 4×4 as it offered them a large seating compartment and enough room to put the kids bikes and shopping in the back.

The vehicle had been supplied with a drop-in liner. As this was their pride and joy, they decided that the plastic liner was letting down the look of the vehicle. It was also rubbing on the body of the truck causing the bare metal underneath to show through.


The truck was left with their local LINE-X dealer once they had completed the school run that morning.

The preparation took one man approximately 3 hours to complete. LINE-X XS-100 was sprayed to coat the whole of the cargo area and to protect the surrounding rails.

The truck was dropped back off to the customer just after lunchtime.


The client was amazed with the result. Not only did they have a Pick up that they could be proud of, they had also protected the load area from any future scratches and dings.

The factory finished textured look provided complete coverage for the rear of the vehicle, and with its UV stable top coat it will be looking good for years to come