LINE-X Manchester Provide Load Bay Protection to Gallagher Fleet

Gallagher goes for 7 tonne Sprinter pulling power

Manchester-based utilities contractor Gallagher has commissioned the first of a new fleet of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, with the 3.5-tonne model’s high 7.0-tonne gtw among key factors in the choice.

The operator has ordered 15 new Sprinter 316 CDI vans – all high-roofed, Medium-length and specified with Mercedes’ 163bhp engines – which will join its 400-strong fleet.

“What happens all too often in this industry is that the crew will turn up in one van and then be left kicking their heels waiting for another to arrive with the barriers, signs and cones they need before they can get cracking,” states Gallagher director Vincent O’Connor.

“What we have done is design a 3.5-tonne utility trailer that allows us to put plenty of weight on the back while remaining fully compliant,” he explains.

“This way, our teams can take all their kit with them and start work straight away. It’s all about improving safety and efficiency, and providing a better customer experience.”

As well as specifying the uprated 3.5-tonne towing capacity, Gallagher opted for automatic transmissions and went for speed-limiting and fitted dashboard-mounted cameras.

The vans are currently being racked out by Van Conversions (VCL), of Hyde, and their cargo areas sprayed with Line-X protective coatings.

“Safety is a real concern and we’ll do whatever we can to protect our employees and other road users, so the fact that Mercedes-Benz vans lead the market in this regard is very reassuring,” continues O’Connor.

“Having hired-in Sprinter dropsiders in the past we know they also live up to their reputation for reliability, while the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Network offers round-the-clock back-up,” he adds.

“These were major factors in our decision to place this order.”

Brian Tinham

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