LINE-X Launch Antimicrobial Van Liner.

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With increasing concern over infectious bacteria such as MRSA, E-coli and salmonella, LINE-X  has launched an optional antimicrobial coating to help the fight against bacterial invasion.

Harmful bacteria thrive on untreated surfaces, especially in food prep and healthcare industries. The LINE-X antimicrobial coating has been independently tested to ISO standards and proven to reduce up to 99.9% of bacteria (MRSA and E-Coli) over a two-hour period.

LINE-X are offering their new antimicrobial coating as a Van liner across the multiple Industries dealing with the risks of harmful bacteria such as Health Authorities, Refuse and Animal Welfare.
LINE-X Protective Coatings Ltd already have huge popularity within the Van Lining market due the advantages the LINE-X product (XS100) has to offer, such as high tensile strength, watertight/airtight seal preventing rust and corrosion, scratch and ding resistant, Fast cure time and chemical resistance.  The new antimicrobial liner increases the LINE-X advantages  by adding bacteria fighting capabilities.

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