LINE-X Hard Coating For Sky’s Ocean Rescue Campaign

Revolutionary Coatings, the official LINE-X applicators in Slough recently worked on a project for Sky’s ocean rescue campaign.

The model of a whales tail was constructed by Chinchilla limited from polystyrene using their super-huge 3D process, this was then LINE-X coated by Revolutionary Coatings, sanded smooth and high build primed. Scenic artwork was applied to complete the feature for Sky’s Ocean Rescue campaign.

Why Use LINE-X For Hard Coating?

Traditionally, coatings such as paint, epoxy and fibreglass were used for hard coating polystyrene sculptures. These coatings came with the advantages of waterproofing and structural enhancement, but long dry-times and a very smelly odour.

LINE-X has the waterproofing and structural capabilities as well as fast dry-times (3-12 seconds). LINE-X is a VOC-free product, so no long-term harmful odours.

If you would like to learn more about LINE-X for Hard-coating polystyrene, please get in touch.