LINE-X Application On Trafalgar Square’s Latest Sculpture 

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Trafalgar Square, London has unveiled their newest art piece on the 4th plinth project. The large ice-cream sculpture was hard-coated with LINE-X by the LINE-X West London Team in the UK.

If you would to learn more about this art project and see a short video of the unveiling, you can visit the news article on cnn.

Hard Coating with LINE-X…

LINE-X is the ideal solution: a spray-applied protective coating that creates a harden surface, that protects fragile items from impact and abrasion damage.

LINE-X offers a number of characteristics that make it the ideal coating for the task. It's extremely durable, easy to apply and sets in seconds, allowing the sculpture to be painted shortly after spraying. LINE-X also has fire-retardant spray coatings available.


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