Incorporate LINE-X into your manufacturing processes.

Where there is a need for a protective coating, utilise LINE-X's quick-dry protective coatings to speed up your production while offering your customers a high-quality finish on your products.

Speaker / Flight Cases

Large speaker cabinets and flight cases put up with many knocks over the course of their working lives. Constant travel and loading and unloading means they are vulnerable to a range of different abrasion and impact damage threats...
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Military Vehicles

Military vehicles have to face up to some of the most extreme and hazardous environments possible. Extremes of temperature, lack of shelter, stone chips, acid rain and saltwater are all potential natural hazards, even before you take in to account the more dangerous threats of a warzone...
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Commercial Vehicle Fleets

Commercial vehicles used for liquid transportation need a reliable protective lining to protect tanked materials from leakage and corrosion...
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Full Turn-Key Solutions

LINE-X UK has installed numerous systems into factories across the United Kingdom that produce various items made from woods, polystyrene, fibreglass and metals that require a hard coating or protective layer.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration on how LINE-X can be incorporated into your manufacturing process, please contact us on 08000 198676 or use the contact form below