LINE-X Light Plant and Machinery Coatings
LINE-X Light Plant and Machinery Coatings

LINE-X is an ideal coating for use on plant and equipment that spends most of its working environment outside exposed to the elements.

Generators casings can be coated with LINE-X to prevent damage from impact, rust and corrosion. LINE-X also offers some sound proofing qualities to assist in the noise reduction. By using our polyurethane topcoat, the machinery can be sprayed to corporate colours and will maintain it’s colour fast, fresh sprayed look.

Other LINE-X applications have included Fertilizer/Seed spreaders, Link boxes, Feeders, Silos, Tractor parts and all other machinery and equipment that is suffering from the harsh weather conditions and consistent use.


The benefits of using LINE-X spray applied polyurea coatings include:

  • All year round protection from all the elements
  • Protective qualities over a wide range of temperatures
  • Long-term adhesion to various substrates including steel, fibreglass and concrete
  • Stronger resistance to damage during transportation