LINE-X Linings Offer A Hygenic Seamless Barrier.

Stable floors receive a significant amount of wear and tear through daily use.
The damage caused by the natural horse waste makes it difficult to keep your stable clean.

Rubber mats is the common option to help alleviate this, but waste can seep between the cracks, creating an unpleasant environment for both you and your horses.

An ideal answer is a highly durable LINE-X lining for the stable floor. The spray-applied LINE-X lining can be put in place in a matter of hours and provides a hygienic solution that will remain effective long into the future. Crucially, LINE-X creates seamless lining, with no cracks or gaps for dirt to build up in.

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Easy to clean stable lining

LINE-X creates a continuous protective lining that is free of cracks. That means there are no voids for urine and other waste to hide. It’s also an effective insulation material: we apply the protective lining to a height of one metre up the stable walls, sealing the building from draughts. The result is a warmer, cleaner stable that can be cleaned with minimum difficulty.

The qualities of LINE-X make it ideal for stable floors. It is watertight, effectively turning your stable into a wet room.
That means that it can be cleaned easily and is jet-wash friendly. You will no longer have to deal with a harmful build-up of waste residue.

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