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LINE-X Protective Coatings Ltd is pleased to announce that Hobson Industries, one of the UK’s most highly respected military Land Rover upgrading and re-armouring contractors, has chosen the revolutionary LINE-X spray-on Spall lining system for inclusion in the latest version of the WMIK (Weapons Mounted Installation Kit) Land Rovers.

The LINE-X Spall Lining system will be applied in house at Hobson Industries purpose built factory in Donington on Bain

Peter Hobson (Managing Director) said

“With people’s lives at stake we always look for the ultimate in protection available to protect our troops whilst operating in war or during peace keeping duties. Our troops deserve the best; by adding the unique LINE-X Spall Lining we are giving them the best”

Peter’s aim is to make the LINE-X Spall Lining system standard on all future contracts/


Hobson Industries customers include the U.K. MoD, RUC, Australian Defence Force, Nigerian MoD, Jordan Armed Forces, Jordan Public Security Directorate, Office of the High Representative (OHR) Bosnia & Herzegovina and the Libyan National Oil Corporation to name but a few..

To find out more on how Hobson Industries are protecting our troops and our allies visit www.hobsonindustries.co.uk or call 01507 342021