Pipes, poles and rails can often become cracked and corroded. LINE-X offer a spray applied application, which protects a range of substrates such as steel, fiberglass and wood from corroding and becoming damaged.

LINE-X protective coatings have a proven track record for anti corrosion and anti abrasive coatings for a number of applications, both offshore and onshore, making LINE-X a very versatile application for a number of uses.

Pipe rehabilitation – External

LINE-X polyurea coatings have been specifically designed to quick set allowing a reduced time and cost when rehabilitating existing pipelines.

Fresh Water Containment

LINE-X have developed Aquaurethane Extreme™, a spray applied polyurea that meets WRAS approval and DWI Regulation 31 approval. Aquaurethane Extreme contains NO CFC’s, NO VOC’s and NO SOLVENTS and is 100% solids. It is also touch dry in 5 to 7 seconds making it easy and quick to apply. Read More

The benefits of using LINE-X spray applied polyurea coatings include:

  • Quick application and cure time enabling faster turn around time
  • Protective qualities over a wide range of temperatures
  • Long-term adhesion to various substrates including steel
  • High resistance to backfill compaction
  • Flexible coating able to absorb large impacts
  • Stronger resistance to damage during transportation

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