Graco Has Named LINE-X as One of its Top 20 Distributors

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If you have used one of our LINE-X Dealerships in the past or if you have been researching our quick-drying spray-on protective coating you will know that we offer an extremely tough durable coating that is touch dry in 3 – 5 seconds.

Our coating is applied through specialist high-pressure machines that are manufactured by Graco. As part of joining the LINE-X brand we stock and sell the LINE-X chemical, the Graco machines and all the spares and repairs to keep our Applicators spraying. We are a one stop shop for our network of LINE-X Applicators.

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Having such a high quality successful product LINE-X is in demand on a global scale, and being Graco distributors LINE-X continues to provide Graco machines to new LINE-X Applicators across the globe which has allowed LINE-X to be placed in Graco’s Top 20 Distributors of 2014 list.

LINE-X spray applied coatings are utilised in a number of applications including Automotive load-lining, Reservoir Tanks and Roofs, Military Coatings, Agricultural Machinery and Manufacturing Facilities.

If you are interested in becoming part of the LINE-X Dealership network or feel as if you would benefit from spraying our coating ‘in-house’ speak to us about our Dealership and Original Equipment Manufacture Opportunities.

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