Durable LINE-X Protective Coatings Provide Superior Protection for Commercial Vans Throughout the UK

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, Europe has nearly 300 million vehicles on the road today. More than 38 million of those are commercial vehicles – and more specifically commercial vans – a segment which has continued to grow by more than 10% over the last 15 years.

Commercial vans are the preferred vehicle for a wide variety of industries ranging from healthcare and patient transportation to food service and chemical transport. Some of these industries are required to line the interior of vans to help protect valuable cargo, maintain specific temperatures and meet specific government safety and cleanliness standards. Fleets often use a product called glass-reinforced plastic, or GRP, which is a type of fiberglass lining that is placed over the van’s interior cargo surfaces.

Although GRP can provide a watertight seal to meet special requirements, it also poses certain risks for fleet installers. Installing GRP is time-consuming, uses highly volatile chemicals that contain strong odors and can be easily damaged since it becomes very rigid after it is applied. A coating that is too rigid can be susceptible to cracking and breaking, therefore compromising any waterproof capabilities.

Introducing LINE-X...

Trusted for decades by professionals to protect nearly all types of commercial vehicles, LINE-X is emerging as the preferred material for van linings in Europe and around the world. LINE-X coatings are sprayed by trained professionals using a high-pressure, heated system that creates a nearly indestructible protective coating that cures in 24-hours, not days.

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