LINE-X Hard Coating For Foam Sculptures – Obelix

Did you know, beyond LINE-X bedlining, our range of polyurea-based coatings are used for a large variety of applications, including the hard-coating of foam sculptures, often seen in theme parks, film-sets and children’s attractions? A great example of using LINE-X as … Read More

LINE-X Coated Stool in the Science Museum

Give yourself a big pat on the back if you guessed these LINE-X stools are being used… the Science Museum! Yes, Will Yates-Johnson’s amazing LINE-X coated stools have been installed in the world renowned Science Museum at Kensington, London. Very … Read More

LINE-X used by Designer Will Yates-Johnson

Designer Will Yates-Johnson has used LINE-X to create an amazing finish on his bespoke stools that are known as the ‘Tesla’ range. These fantastic stools are to be installed in one of the UK’s most visited attractions… “where’s that” I … Read More

Viral Video Frenzy on Facebook

LINE-X has had huge exposure across Facebook the past couple of months, all thanks to a few viral videos posted by some extremely credible Facebook accounts, all with thousands of followers. Tech Insider It all started with a LINE-X video … Read More

Custom Built Bumper for Land Cruiser

When the bumper for your Land Cruiser is not man enough for towing and rescuing what do you do? You custom build your own bumper and get the whole thing LINE-X’d!   The image above shows a custom built bumper … Read More

LINE-X Range Rover

LINE-X full exterior body coating is becoming increasingly popular, and we have seen a lot of Land Rover Defender’s adopt the rugged exterior, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this Range Rover with the full LINE-X exterior. This … Read More

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