Glass Fused Steel Tank Linings

Sludge tanks are prone to leaking and this was evident in this particular application. The glass fused steel sludge tank was leaking effluent into the surrounding environment after only 8 years in operation. Suspected damage to the glass enamel had … Read More

Waterproof Coatings For Concrete

LINE-X UK has recently (March 2019) partnered with Springhead Construction and ASF Waterproof Coatings to restore exterior walkways and stairs for Camden Council in London. Springhead Construction is responsible for the concrete repairs and ASF Waterproofing are the contractors for … Read More

Enhanced Trailer Roof Protection

A UK based specialist vehicle manufacturer is changing the way people access services and reimagining what a mobile space can be. Each trailer serves a unique purpose, from mobile medical units and emergency vehicles to hospitality trailers and completely bespoke … Read More

LINE-X Hard Coating For Sky’s Ocean Rescue Campaign

Revolutionary Coatings, the official LINE-X applicators in Slough recently worked on a project for Sky’s ocean rescue campaign. The model of a whales tail was constructed by Chinchilla limited from polystyrene using their super-huge 3D process, this was then LINE-X … Read More

LINE-X Hard Coating For Foam Sculptures – Obelix

Did you know, beyond LINE-X bedlining, our range of polyurea-based coatings are used for a large variety of applications, including the hard-coating of foam sculptures, often seen in theme parks, film-sets and children’s attractions? A great example of using LINE-X as … Read More