Bomb Blast Protection

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Imagine how great LINE-X is at protecting truck beds from impact.

At the F.P.E.D. (Force Protection Equipment Demonstration) show on May 9-11 2001 at the Quantico Marine Base in Virginia Line-X was featured at the Air Force Research Laboratory booth and was demonstrated daily. Air Force representatives told LINE-X that we can tell “the world” that LINE-X product was the only one, out of 27 coatings selected, to pass all of their tests.

At the demo site, two walls 9′ x 9′ were erected. “They were the typical construction that one would find on mobile military buildings… used extensively in Southwest Asia by the US Military.” These were constructed using 2×4 studs, 16″ on center, corrugated aluminum siding, and particle board paneling. As you can see from the photos, one of the two walls was coated with Line-X. In this test, 50 pound of TNT was used at a distance of 35 feet. The uncoated wall is destroyed while the Line-Xed wall is unharmed. As you can see from one photo, the TNT left a substantial crater.

The Line-Xed wall in the photos was actually used twice. This was the second impact. The destroyed uncoated wall was replaced and a new-uncoated one was installed for the test shown.

The Air Force Research lab, during a previous test, found that it took at least 1,000 pounds equivalent of TNT to “make Line-X fail and even then it only tore the coating… fragmentation was still averted.” “Line-X could save lives if applied to buildings subjected to bomb force.”

According to the Air Force Research Lab, a 1/8th inch coating, front and back, reduces the “stand off distance by over 50%.” And that Line-X should be used for any buildings, structures or vehicles that might get exposed to bomb impact.