Ben Collins Vs LINE-X

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You hear us talk about how tough LINE-X is, but I bet you wonder “is LINE-X really as tough as they say it is?”

To show you how well LINE-X holds up, we called in our good friend, legendary stunt driver and former Stig, Ben Collins to put LINE-X through its paces. It’s likely you have seen the egg and watermelon drops, but we want to show you something that relates to the most likely place to have LINE-X applied… your truck! So where could we drive a LINE-X coated truck, where the conventional paint-work and load-bed protection would normally be destroyed?

A working quarry! Full of loose gravel and large pits! This would be punishing to a conventional truck being driven at full speed, pulling doughnuts and driving through great big muddy pits! But would LINE-X hold up?

The Vehicle: Ford Raptor With LINE-X Body Armour and LINE-X Bedliner

Ben will be driving a modified Ford Raptor, created by Zero to 60 Designs. The exterior has been coated in LINE-X Ultra, a groundbreaking thin-build coating that can only be applied through the LINE-X network. LINE-X ULTRA has a smooth texture; strong UV protection and offers superior durability. ULTRA is the first polyurea coating of its kind that exceeds the standard properties of paint and powder coat. In physical tests, LINE-X ULTRA is 15 times stronger than standard thin film coatings.

The load-bed has been coated with the standard LINE-X bedliner, a thick-film, spray-applied coating that adheres directly to the load-bed, preventing grit and moisture from getting under the liner.

Will LINE-X Survive?

Let’s find out whether the continuous gravel flicking up at the bodywork, tools being thrown into the load-bed and being bashed about at high speed affects LINE-X! And finally, let’s see if the LINE-X bedliner can withstand a digger load of aggregate being dumped into the load-bed…


Driver: Ben Collins (The former Stig from BBC’s Top Gear (2002-2010)

Vehicle: LINE-X coated Ford Raptor

Runtime: 3min 11 seconds