Becoming a LINE-X Dealer can be tremendously rewarding. It can be a stand-alone business, or it can be a lucrative add-on to your existing business.

Being one of the world’s leaders in protective coatings is vitally important, but having demand is what really makes it a fantastic business opportunity.

Commercial vehicle sales have risen over 21%

CV Sales up 21 percent

Commercial vehicle sales (Jan 2014-Jan 2015) including Vans and Pick-up Trucks have risen over 21% during the last 12 months, and this can only mean more opportunities to spray LINE-X protective coatings.

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Beyond the Automotive Market


The LINE-X product range is not only Automotive, it is widely used for Light and Heavy Industrial Protection, Agricultural Applications, Roofing, Water Services, Fire Protection, Food Safety, Antimicrobial, Military and many more varied and interesting sectors.

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Fast Return to Service


What makes LINE-X the product of choice for many of the UK’s premier conversion companies is the fact that it is touch dry in 3-5 seconds, and this allows the vehicle to return to service almost immediately, as opposed to taking up to 24 hours to ‘cure’. So instead of having a workshop log jammed with vehicles, the customer can be handed their keys and be able to drive away within 2-3 hours. We supply everything you need to get started, even a spray booth if you haven’t got one.

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Great ROI Potential

LINE-X Great ROI Potential

The margins are very favourable, and your ROI can be pleasantly surprising if you actively market your new income stream. The LINE-X Brand is getting great exposure worldwide, and we actively market LINE-X throughout the UK via our in-house Marketing Department. This includes creating your own LINE-X website, running exhibitions and demonstrations, and using all the channels of social media. All this support comes as part of your package, along with 3-4 days in-house training for your new LINE-X technicians. Our dealer support is second to none and puts us way ahead of our competition.

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With an ever increasing product range and a constant and robust attitude to commercial certification, LINE-X UK offers the reassurance of being partnered with a totally professional company. We have been in business in the UK for over 10 years and the LINE-X Brand has been growing since its inception in 1993. There has never been a better time to become either a LINE-X Automotive Dealer with a protected area, or a Mobile Dealer with a fully integrated system for Commercial applications. If you are a Manufacturer who wants an in-house system to service your own products no worries, as there are special packages just for you.

If you would like more information about our business opportunities by becoming a LINE-X Dealer, please contact us

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