antimicrobial Van Liner by LINE-X

With increasing concern over infectious bacteria such as MRSA, E-coli and Salmonella, LINE-X has launched an optional antimicrobial treated coating to help the fight against bacterial invasion.

Harmful bacteria thrive on untreated surfaces, especially in Food and Healthcare industries. LINE-X antimicrobial treated coating has been independently tested to ISO standards and proven to reduce up to 99.9% of bacteria (MRSA and E-Coli) over a two-hour period.

We offer LINE-X antimicrobial treated coating as a Van liner across multiple Industries dealing with the risk of harmful bacteria such as Health Authorities, Animal Welfare and Cleansing Vehicles.

LINE-X Protective Coatings Ltd already have huge popularity within the Van Lining market due the advantages LINE-X XS100 has to offer, such as high tensile strength, watertight/airtight seal preventing rust and corrosion, scratch and ding resistance, fast cure time and chemical resistance. The new antimicrobial protected liner increases the advantages of LINE-X by adding bacteria fighting capabilities.

LINE-X Antimicrobial Treated Coatings are an ideal interior lining for Ambulances, Cleansing Vehicles and all other transportation dealing with the possible infestation of bacteria, by preventing the bacteria’s growth. The antimicrobial additive within the liner continues to work in between clean downs so the LINE-X coating will continue to reduce bacteria even when in consistent use.


How LINE-X antimicrobial treated coatings work:

The antimicrobial additives in LINE-X Coatings provides a release of silver ions on demand, which in turn safely inhibits bacterial growth. It has been demonstrated that LINE-X antimicrobial treated coatings actively inhibit bacterial growth and show a 99.99% reduction over a two hour period. It can withstand repeated cleaning cycles whilst maintaining antibacterial effectiveness. The controlled release of the silver active ingredient provides maximum long-term activity.


The antimicrobial additive used in LINE-X Antimicrobial Coatings has been successfully tested against over 50 common organisms such as MRSA, E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Pseudomonas, and Aspergillus Niger.

*reduces 99.9% of bacteria (MRSA and E-Coli) over a two-hour period.